Business Class

The Business Immigration Program is looking for experienced business people to successfully establish or invest in a business in Canada and are able to support the development of Canadian economy.  If you are a dedicated individual or a successful business, and want to transfer your skills and money into Canada, you may be able to qualify under the Business Immigration Program, with its major component :

Self – employed.

At Choose Canada we can help you with your Business Visa Application. The overall condition to qualify for Self – Employed Class is to demonstrate that you have two years of business experience ( three years of experience for the Quebec Province). The Self-Employed Persons is a Program that seeks to bring people who will become self-employed in Canada. There are two categories under which one can immigrate to Canada:

  • People who intend to and are able to make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada because they have relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics, or
  • People who intend to buy and manage a farm in Canada because they have experience in farm management.

Your experience is relevant if you have taken part in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level, been self-employed in cultural activities or athletics, or experience in managing a farm. Self-employed person means a foreign national who:

  • has relevant experience
  • intends and is able to be self-employed in Canada
  • can contribute to Canada’s economy in one of the required areas