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We have immigration office locations in Toronto, Canada, one of the richest country in the world and in Bucharest, Romania, a beautiful country in South Eastern Europe, but I can service any client anywhere in the world. Till now we have helped many people with Canadian immigration matters and we have the proper expertise to help you, too.

Our team are dedicated Immigration Consultants and Lawyers, encouraging individuals, families and business to come to Canada and started another life in a prosperous and dynamic country, full of talented people and abundant resources that most of us were longed for.

The Visa application process for you involves more than fill in the right forms and submitting documents. Our office immigration applications are designed to get results.

Immigration application process:

Putting together a complete APPLICATION PACKAGE that contains everything that is required, information and documents that are to be reviewed by an immigration officer who will be making a decision on your case.

MANAGING and MONITORING your CASE from the beginning to the end. We will make sure that your applica tion is directed to the correct Canadian immigration office  in due time and we will prepare you for a possible interview if it is required.

We will submit a LETTER that serves to show the authorities that you are a proper person to live and work in Canada.

At the end of the process, when visa is issued, we will check thoroughly all the data to ensure it contains the correct and necessary information and diligently help open every possible door so that you and your relatives, or friends can live and work in Canada.